What Is A Hcp Agreement

For the duration of the agreement, each party will consider as confidential all information provided by the other party and designated in writing as protected or confidential (« Confidential Information »). Confidential information also includes information of a confidential or proprietary nature for a sensible person who is familiar with the activities of the revealing party and the medical industry in which it operates. The recipient party has confidence and must not disclose (or authorize) confidential information to a person or organization, with the exception of a director, director, employee, external advisor or advisor (together »representative ») who must be aware of this confidential information in the course of the performance of its obligations to the receiving party and which are bound by a public party`s obligation of confidentiality. , of this agreement. The receiving party and its representatives may only use this confidential information for the purposes for which it was disclosed and may not use or use this confidential information for their own benefit or for the benefit of another party without the prior written consent of the revealing party. Each party assumes responsibility for the actions of its representatives and protects the other party`s confidential information in the same way as it protects its own valuable confidential information, but under no circumstances should it be used less than due diligence. A receiving party must immediately inform the party to disclose whether it is aware of an offence or threat of violation under this directive and cooperates with any appropriate request from the revealing party to assert its rights. If you contest a tax or amount on an invoice and such a dispute cannot be resolved immediately through good faith discussions between us, you will pay the amounts due under this contract, minus the amount at issue, and we will continue in good faith to settle that disputed amount immediately. An amount is considered in good faith to be in good faith if (i) you provide us, on the date or before the expiry date of the invoice, a written statement detailing the basis of the dispute and the amount you withheld; (ii) such a written statement means that the amount of the dispute was determined as a result of an investigation of the facts and that the amount at issue was determined in good faith. and (iii) all other amounts earned by you that are not in dispute have been paid online TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS in accordance with this agreement. All products sold (if any) and services provided are billed in euros and are subject to Irish VAT, if applicable, at the current rate and payment time, as stated in your service order.

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