V Line Enterprise Agreement

Given that the big round of EA negotiations is taking place this year and the negotiations on subway trains are progressing, V/Line members are probably at the point where you think it is us? Rest assured, we have not forgotten you, but as usual with a government company, there have been major delays in the opening of negotiations. Not only have we looked at the delays that occur on a regular basis, but the Victorian government has thrown another twist into us by making the V/Line EAs « great agreements. » This means that the Treasurer, the Prime Minister and the Minister must all approve the Claims Protocol (LOC) before negotiations can begin. Since January of this year, the RTBU has been asking V/Line to come to the negotiating table and begin negotiations for your EA, and after our unrelenting demands for negotiations have always been muted, our lawyers have written to V/Line to issue an ultimatum. If they do not come to the negotiating table after this letter, we would ask the Fair Work Commission for a majority decision. I am pleased to report that This V/Line has contacted a date for the opening of negotiations. Negotiations for Operation V/Line EA and the EA V/Line infrastructure are scheduled to begin next week. At these meetings, the minutes of the claims will be exchanged, so that after the first meeting on Monday, negotiations are expected to have begun. EA`s last round of negotiations in 2015 has been stretched far too long and we will not allow this to happen again. This time. It is frustrating that we have threatened to take legal action to bring V/Line to the negotiating table, but now that a negotiating date has been set, we hope that EA negotiations will progress quickly and steadily. What does the start of negotiations mean for our members? After the negotiations begin, V/Line will have to meet the requirements of the negotiations in good faith, i.e.

they must participate in and participate in Dener`s negotiating meetings. I assure our members that we will continue our efforts and work with delegates and members of Parliament to negotiate a fair agreement. Unity is still the key, but even more so during EA negotiations. Make sure your data is up to date with the union so we can continue to update you with your EA events. Our employees are highly skilled, passionate and dedicated, but to succeed as a one-team, One Metro, and in this environment of change, we need to create a more modern workstation with flexible staff that provides our employees with satisfying jobs and careers for the future. The EA infrastructure came into effect on Friday, November 1, 2019, the Rolling Stock EA came into effect on February 18, 2019 and the EA Rail Operations came into effect on Thursday, May 28, 2020. The people of Horsham will not be hacked on the future use of the dormant rail corridor No chopper here: Malcolm Turnbull takes the train to Opposition Leader De Geelong Matthew Guy supports melbourne Airport Rail Link the first Daniel Andrews listens to efforts, To see our current enterprise agreements, click on the links below: Working with our employees to agree on our upcoming enterprise agreements is a top priority for all of us, as we have worked.

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