Usw Limited Motor Vehicle Service Agreement

In addition to a number of new and used vehicle protection plans, we also offer limited warranty programs, CAP and additional products. Many of our vehicle protection plans include troubleshooting assistance, towing and rental vehicle recovery (availability may vary from land to state). The Protection Vehicle Protection Plan was designed to meet the growth of technology in today`s vehicles. The automotive industry is seeing a demand for more advanced electronics, technology, safety and alternative energy systems. The plan is better suited to meet these growing needs now and in the future. The plan provides coverage for new and used vehicles. The repair or replacement plan includes repairing or replacing the vehicle keys/controls that have been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, including all applicable programming. Coverage is limited to $800 per covered repair or replacement. We replace a vehicle key or remote control every 12 months from the date the contract is purchased during the term of the contract. Gap is a unique hedging program that protects you from financial disasters if your vehicle is stolen or added up.

Why: If your vehicle ages, the current value (LCA) decreases, while your credit or credit balance may remain higher than what the insurance pays you. You will then be responsible for the difference between what the insurance pays you and what you owe. The United States Warranty Corp. Combo VSC Plan provides coverage for a vehicle service contract and offers optional snacks and maintenance plans. We can search your service contract number in our database, either with the last six digits of your vehicle identification number or your first and last name. United States Warranty Corp. Edge is a high-mileage service contract designed to protect you from the cost of unforeseen repairs. The Infinity Plan is a timeless plan, with no expiration date and no expiry mile, as long as you own the vehicle.

There are no gimmicks, just follow the interview described in the contract and provide us with proof of ownership upon request. A car service contract helps you minimize your out-of-pocket costs. Please refer to your service contract for cancellation procedures or contact us directly at (800) 233-9878. Yes, if you sell your vehicle to a private owner, you can transfer the warranty to the owner.

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