Und Financial Obligation Agreement

I understand that I only have to sign this agreement at the first enrollment of each semester and that adding additional courses for the same semester may increase my financial commitment. I take full responsibility for any additional charges and will regularly check my Campus Connection account to ensure that I am aware of any additional charges. To obtain financial aid for the summer semester, you must have completed the fafsa of the previous year and be enrolled in at least 6 semester credits for the summer as a student, 5 credits as a student or 3 credits as a law student. After registration, you must also complete the summer financial assistance application form. I understand that I must follow my institution`s procedures to interrupt or withdraw courses, whether I have taken those courses or not. I can drop some, but not all, courses on Campus Connection. I understand that if I intend to withdraw, I should not abandon the courses and, on the contrary, resign with the appropriate procedure and by the corresponding office requested by my institution (my institutions). I also understand that, in accordance with my institution`s Reimbursement Directive, I am fully responsible for my financial commitment to my institution(s) for these courses. I acknowledge that non-participation or non-participation does not relieve me of the financial responsibility of the courses in which I am enrolled. FERPA`s Privacy Release Form allows you and the people you have set up to obtain financial information about your Campus Connection account. If I expect financial aid or a third party to pay all or part of my financial obligations to my institution, I understand that it is my responsibility to fulfill all payment requirements on my student account. I also understand that my financial assistance can be adapted according to eligibility and I agree to reimburse my institution for all sums for which the grant rules do not allow me to repay.

If you have accepted financial assistance, it will be automatically transferred to your account. Financial aid is usually used after the last day to add/drop a price. The Student Financial Aid Office verifies that the number of credits in which you are enrolled corresponds to the amount of assistance you receive. All adjustments are made to your account before the help is applied. The student`s financial obligation is the student`s understanding of the legal obligation to pay into their student account. Watch the Financial Commitments video to see the gradual process of the Financial Commitments Agreement…

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