Systems Access Agreement

(23) Authorised users are responsible for the security and appropriate use of all accessible systems using their login information, including BYOD devices. Authorized users are expected to report any digital security breaches to the IT desk. [Ref.ISO 27002, section 7.2.1] (9) If an authorised user infringes the conditions of this Directive, his access may be restricted or revoked. All infringements of this Directive shall be notified to the university or the competent supervisory authority or to the police in order to take appropriate measures depending on the nature and gravity of the infringement. (13) Only authorized users may access computer resources or use them for purposes related to their relationship with the university. As a member of the academic community, I understand that I am bound by the acceptable use of the IT resources policy, which is available: All access to university systems must comply with this directive. (14) The university participates in Eduroam. Eduroam users must follow the guidelines of their home and visiting organizations. The access policies of other organisations may be more restrictive than the policies of the University of Western Sydney. h. Eduroam User: A person who has received access from Eduroam and login information from an Eduroam organization (for example. B from the University of Sydney West).

Eduroam users are authorized users and access the university`s Internet. (24) To protect academic data and databases, direct access to data in databases using interactive tools (such as Toad or Excel ODBC links) is limited. Authorized users may only store data collected using these tools on university machines or authorized services intended for continuous data processing. Users are not allowed to store this extracted data on BYOD machines or personal external devices or media. [Ref. ISM Control 1083] (3) This Directive applies to all students, employees, contractors, consultants and visitors who have access to a university computer resource. (26) When responding to requests for assistance from authorised users using IT resources, service employees may use software that allows them to remotely control another computer on the university`s network. Employees may only attempt remote access with the permission of the authorized user and only in the performance of tasks directly related to their work.. . . .

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