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This guide provides resources for three of the most important life cycle events of most start-ups: training, financing and exit strategies. This guide does not address employment rights, intellectual property rights, security or tax issues. Education involves the selection and formation of a business unit. Due to the strong growth of start-ups, this guide focuses on business creation. In terms of financing, the business is financed, usually by convertible bonds, fishing investors or even crowdfunding. Exit strategies often include transactions such as stock sales, asset sales or mergers. Various electronic sources such as Westlaw Classic, WestlawNext, LexisNexis, FastCase, Bloomberg Law, Intelliconnect, ProQuest Legislative Insight and Practical Law Company are used in this electronic guide. The cost of accessing documents and treaties related to this guide depends in large part on your company`s negotiated pricing plan. However, if you have access to multiple options and want to compare prices, or if you`re in a small business and try to choose the resource you want to buy, read Kendall F.

Svengalis legal Information Buyer`s Guide – Reference Manual, 2016 edition. For pricing from Intelliconnect, ProQuest Legislative Insight and Practical Law Company, please contact a customer service manager. In 2014, she joined goodwin Procter LLP in Goodwin Procter LLP`s Silicon Valley office. For more information, visit the tab`s landing pages. To practice with this research guide, check out the basic search problems for examples of questions and solutions. Good luck! Michelle Wright Knoop graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in May 2013. Michelle graduated in May 2013 with a bachelor`s degree in cum laude finance from the University of Missouri as part of a dual bachelor`s degree. During law school, Michelle senior Lead Articles was the editor of the Missouri Law Review.

If the assignment is the development of a document rather than answering a particular question of law, the researcher may wish to have standard documents before considering the relevant statutes.

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