Rackspace Gdpr Data Processing Agreement

The RGPD concerns any organisation, regardless of location, that collects and stores the personal data of EU citizens. All large and small businesses must comply when collecting, storing, processing, retaining or transmitting this data. The data manager assists the data manager in fulfilling his or her obligations under the applicable Data Protection Act to enable data portability for personal data processed by the data protection officer in accordance with that authority. As noted above, RGPD processors have several new obligations and responsibilities to EEA residents whose data they collect (and process allClients). There are new requirements for collecting data on rural pages, new consent management procedures, the right for people to know what data you collect, the right to be forgotten, and much more. First, check the RGPD to see if it applies to your organization. If the RGPD is applicable, be sure to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure and demonstrate that any treatment is performed in accordance with the RGPD. Do you have other data centres in the EU where I can store my data? Yes, Phocas can provide servers in the EU. As Phocas has customers in different time zones around the world, it allows us to optimize the use of our servers, as different time zones weigh on servers at different times. This will allow us to minimize the cost of our cloud services for our customers. If we have to provide servers for a specific time zone, it will increase the cost of providing the service. Follow the solar support policy can`t happen if you geolocate your data.

Data encryption measures are available to protect personal data on page 84Codes. Encryption of data at rest and during transmission may be imposed by the data manager when using the service. Does the RGPD change the way Phocas processes customer data? Phocas continues to treat customer data with the sensitivity and confidentiality required. Phocas uses Rackspace, a leading cloud service provider, as a subprocessor. For more information on the security practices of the rack space, see www.rackspace.com/compliance We have a new computer addendum that meets the requirements of the RGPD. Customers who must include the provisions of the RGPD in their agreement can do so by following the instructions in force here. To achieve this level of protection, Rackspace technology has taken the proactive step of including a computer addendum incorporating the standard contractual clauses in our Master Services Agreement. However, compliance with data protection legislation is a shared responsibility, which is why we ask our customers to back up and encrypt certain data stored or transferred to Rackspace technology services during transmission and rest. We also ask our customers to take appropriate measures to prevent Rackspace Technology`s ability to access certain data through other means when our access to customer-owned or customer-operated premises, systems or networks may result in exposure. Type of personal data processed: Interested persons – Contact information with existing customers – Correspondence The data processor is required to ensure that persons authorized to process personal data have committed in writing to confidentiality prior to the start of the activity.

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