Participation Agreement Superannuation

17.2 For other workers who are not covered by item 17.1, the employer pays a corresponding subsidy (subsidy) within 6% of a worker`s gross taxable salary, equal to one dollar per dollar, for every dollar the worker contributes to an authorized superannuation system of the worker`s choice, provided the subsidy is reduced by that amount. if applicable, the employer is required to contribute or contribute to the worker`s KiwiSaver system or to compliance with the pension fund (as defined in the KiwiSaver Act 2006). Melinda is an actuary whose career in the financial services industry included policy, strategy, consulting, product and distribution activities in the « Superannuation, » Wealth Management, Insurance and not profit companies categories. While you may find some of the general rules for employer superannuation plans on this page, your employer may have made changes to these rules as part of their participation agreement, so be sure to check the supplement you were given with the product implementation statement in order to find the specific conditions of your membership in the Kiwi Super Wealth Scheme. 17.6 New workers who, within three months of the start of employment, apply for an authorized annnuon scheme, are entitled to the employer`s corresponding contribution, which dates back to the start date of the worker`s employment. For other workers, the corresponding employer contributions are deferred to the date of the worker`s application to join an approved plan. If you joined the Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme as a single member prior to that date, the rules for joining the system do not meet the requirements of an open superannuation system under the FMCA. As a result, we have created a separate section of the Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme, called the legacy section, which allows us to retain all the original rules you have adhered to. For example, the original rules allowed for a complete withdrawal of the age of 55; In accordance with FMCA requirements for open superannuation systems, this is the age at which you qualify for the NZ Superannuation, currently 65 years old. Julie joined BT in 1997 and has worked in all of BT`s businesses, including Super, Investment Management and Wrap Product Management and Development. In 2017, Julie was named Head of Product, Superannuation and is responsible for managing BTFG`s Superannuation solutions, which include Corporate and Direct Super as well as retail investment systems.

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