Consortium Agreement Uconn

There is a mechanism that allows Storr graduates, both in the U.S. and internationally, to be paid directly by UConn Health as university assistants; In addition, there is a mechanism that allows them to teach at Storrs. There is no need to use the subaward/project agreement mechanism for the use of higher education graduates in scholarships. A consortium agreement allows registered students to attend classes at another school and obtain financial assistance from the SCSU (Home School). The student`s combined education burden must be at least equal to the mid-term status (6 credits for students, 4.5 credits for higher education graduates) per semester. Note: Students who go abroad in the fall should request by email ( that the student employment agency retain their amount of the spring FWS. Students who do not apply to the employment agency until the scheduled date will have their FWS cancelled for the academic year. Students who enter into a consortium agreement for their training abroad must enter into the consortium agreement for students participating in a program of study form. When a CBSU student applying for financial assistance files the transfer credit authorization form signed by a Chancery staff member (or a copy of a Chancery e-mail informing the student that the student is considering participating in another institution is transferable to the SCSU), the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships establishes a consortium contract form and sends it to the host school. The host school returns the completed unionized contract form indicating the registration and participation fees. CSU grants can then be processed. Students who enter into a consortium agreement for their training abroad should go to the « Education Abroad » page for more information.

A consortium contract is a contract between the student, the University of Connecticut (UConn) and another university (Host School). The agreement allows the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to process financial assistance on the basis of credits registered at both universities for a given semester. In order for all credits to be taken into account, a consortium agreement must be concluded between UConn and the host school before the 10th day of school. To be approved, at least six credits must be taken from UConn for the consortium semester. Presentation of the application. The SPS will file the electronic application through The application file should be forwarded to SPS 3-5 days before the agency`s deadline expires, along with the routing form, budget, budget envelope, project summary and all unionized documents. The IP may submit revision projects in the application and continue to update their scientific knowledge during the audit process. The final application must be submitted to the SPS no later than noon before the deadline expires. To make their signature available electronically, students MUST use the link below and register with their NetID. UConn (Storrs) and UConn Health are two separate tax units, so proposals for extramural funds are managed in a similar way to sponsored activities involving other inter-institutional cooperation – one institution being the main plaintiff and the other consortium partner as subawarde.

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